Taking the Wabbit out for a Pre-Spin~!

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April 23, 2011 - Saturday~!

Who would have guessed that on a Black Saturday I would've taken out my recently built On-One 456... Like I noted before, the parts installed on Wabbit, were from Conchita... my 2009 Vision Pursuit. Despite it's XC/Trail-ish components, it now rides like a beast... although I was already having doubts with its thin 2.0 tires... bombing trails as well as jumps were a scary part.

The pre-spin was held at UP Diliman's numerous mix and match trails.

A Cup of Hot Joe, makes my morning a little relaxed

Well that saturday wasn't spent riding alone, Dad was doing laps around the oval for his next epic ride.

For a preliminary spin on the 456, the feel of Cr-Mo was definitely what I've been looking for in a hardtail. The solid feel when I'm aggressively tackling the trails never felt harsh on the legs and the arms. Vibration was definitely different... it never felt brittle and painful unlike the riding a frame made of Aluminum / Alloy. Will see what can the 456 do especially when I bring it up the mountains tomorrow for a deeper evaluation.


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