Saturday, November 01, 2014

Banshee Viento Build: Installing Brake Calipers [Week 05]

Last time I didnt get a chance to install the brake calipers due to broken bolts, and mismatched caliper adapters. And so I went around to find me some Titanium Bolts and IS to Post Mount adapters.

Luckily Ti-Bolts were easy to source out nowadays compared to how it was some four to five years ago. When you had to source it out from foreign shops. With the cycling boom happening, parts where easier to find. Got some titanium M6x20mm from a local online seller, Mr. Jam Santiano who delivered the bolts immediately after I deposited my payment.

I chose to run equipped with an older generation SRSuntour Epicon as it proved to be easier to maintain and relube often. But it also proved to be a problem, as the fork's brake mounts were still IS (international standard). A lot of the modern bike forks nowadays run on post mounts. Luckily Baradine still carries IS to Post Mount Adapters... so I gave a LBS a buzz and ordered the adapters from them.

Next Phase will be finding a suitable bottom bracket for my old SLX M665 crankset to mount on, or possibly mount my old wheelset on this rig.



For those in the Philippines look for Titanium Bolts, you can contact Bike Parts PH through their mobile number: 0928-551-2347
or visit their online store at:

For those in the Philippines and is looking for Baradine IS to Post Mount adapters, you can get them from Movill Cycle Shop. They are located along Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City or drop them a call @ 0922 885 1967
or visit their online store at:
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