Sunday, November 09, 2014

Weekly Cleaning and Maintenance....

Its another week, with rarely a saddle time to spend. And to vent out frustrations and stress, weekly bike cleaning and maintenance. is one of the outlets I enjoy doing.

Under our roof are 4 1/2 bikes (with the Viento half-ly built), and all of them are subject to weekly maintenance and general cleaning... from Dad's Brompton, On-One Scandal, Ibis Tranny and our oldschool retro Diamondback Ascent.

By doing this it narrow downs the faults and possible parts failure during future rides.

So far this week, I serviced the Ascent EX's front hub and repacked most of its BBs... while the Tranny's freehub is nearing its end of life, soon we'll have to get replacement freehub tooths for bettet engagement.
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