Upgradtitis: a disease with no cure

Was there a time out of envy that you wanted to have the same thing another person has? For example your friend has a new DSLR and its the top-of-the-line of that brand. Out of envy you disposed your old Film SLR and bought a new one the same as the one your friend owns. You get addicted to the camera and the hobby... but a new model arrives a few months later with better features and better options. The want to have it and be above once more than others pushes you to buy the new model and sell the previous one you bought a few months back. Not contented yet you get lenses, the filters, a battery-pack, bags that can fit your whole rig. And so-on... then a few more months later the same routine happens and you upgrade again.

That is what everyone calls: Upgradititis... a disease with no cure.

A disease acquired from having the "want" to have a better "item" from envy or from the thought of a better "item" means "better performance"... or even worse "will make me GOD", if you're that stupid.

Upgradtitis, first symptoms are envy towards other people's acquisitions... then followed by the want to have the same thing or even better. Either because you want it for no reason, or another one would be because you would benefit more from it. Another reason would be when changing parts you is that your main reason is to upgrade, then upgrade again.

Since this blog is related to mountain bikes... and it should be.

Well the major reason why I'm talking about: "Upgradititis...", is that I'm finally confessing that I too am infected with this uncurable virus.

Started with the want for a full-suspension frame... then I guess it'll be followed by the need for better stopping power (hydro brakes), then the need for a wheelset that can take much abuse... and probably the want for a better ride... it follows and follows then further more will be followed by a few more things till it never ends.

But a diseases with no cure is impossible... and for Upgradititis... the only cure is to restrain from upgrading... to control one's addiction.

I hope I can do that...


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