Thursday, March 25, 2010

Climbs and Descends

When I started mountainbiking a few years ago... I thought that mountainbiking is all about climbing steep hills and overcoming rough rigorous terrains. Then just last year when I returned back to this sport, I was re-educated about mountainbiking... especially nowadays that there's more than 5 riding disciplines.

During the heyday, there was only cross-country... the all mountain of the yesteryears. Now there are 8: cross-country, all-mountain, enduro, freeride, downhill, dirtjump, 4cross, single-speed... or so I think of it.

Last year I was all riding cross-country... finding the love of the sport climbing cardiac hills and trailing around the local trails... But just recently I've come to enjoy the downhills even more. No-no I'm not into downhill riding, but I'm learning to love the descends, technical courses and especially those with rock gardens... and to add some 2 to 3 ft. drops. Although I've already done a 4ft. drop and accidentally bottomed-out an SF9 Epicon with 100mm travel once... which is a very bad thing for low-travel air forks.

God, thats where I forgot the limitations of Cross-Country riding. A Cross-Country frame and fork can't take the abuse of 3ft to 4ft. drops. Not unless its a 29er.

How can I enjoy the downslope rush while also be able to climb steep hills as well? That's what disciplines are made for. I'm thinking of going All-Mountain or probably XC Trail.

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