Friday, March 26, 2010

One Gear; One Solid Power

I'm amused by those riding on one single-gear.

Here in Chino Roces, Makati CBD, a street near my office building... I often spot a group of fixed gear cyclists. Their rigs are very eye-catching... although from my point-of-view its very rare to see fixed gear bikes especially groups here in the metro. The most bikes I often see are mountain bikes, road bikes and folders... but rarely do I see a fixie or two.

Maybe... just maybe, fixed gear will someday bloom here in the Philippines, just like the scenes in Malaysia, Hongkong and Singapore.

If you're a fixie and lookin for buddies, you might want to check Commence Manila.

But if your a single-speeder, you might want to check the local mountainbiking scene.

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Drey Roque said...

The Single-speed cult hasn't gone to its fullest awareness lately. I think that's the reason for it.

Additionally, I think those who are really into MTBiking are well-versed about the different set-ups of MTB's.