Thursday, March 04, 2010

The need for a less-vibrating/bumpier rig

To tell you all the truth... I'm already infected with the Upgradititis virus. I probably have gotten it from my father or from a probable influence, which is maybe from my boss.

I've been riding HT for years now... and just last year on a Aluminum HT in 7005 series tubing. Sadly the vibration produced by an Aluminum HT when riding on trails is very unforgiving... its like riding on a rodeo horse, crushing your nuts on every bump.

Truly uncomfortable compared to riding a Full-Rigid Chromoly.

In Marketing and Advertising terminologies, there's the "Needs" and the "Wants".

And eventually I'm in a need for a softer or milder frame that would soften my ride during descends/downhills. And the want for a frame that can match my riding abilities both climbing steep slopes and going down with confidence... plus must be in Green and White or Green and Black (just a preference XD).

And the answer to all those... is to get a full-suspension bike XC Trail frame. My options include a Kinesis A665 frame, a Kinesis A670, Mongoose Teocali, and if there's an availability here in the Philippines... my top choice is a Diamondback Sortie... but if budget-wise the cheapest and the sturdiest would be a Kinesis A665.

In a few months maybe... I'll be going for that goal... a softer ride.

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