Running: facing the natural

I have been put on suspension from biking, well for private reasons. Both from the doctor's advise, parental advise and partner's request. It's not permanent, if it was... I would have closed this blog forever.

Anyway, I have to face reality... without biking I wouldn't have any sport to support my body's needs. A form of exercise. I have done golf, taekwondo, wall climbing and even airsoft, and as it seems getting back on those would be troublesome for a long run. 

Golf's expensive (but I sort-of miss swinging my old Square Two clubs), Taekwondo's going to crack more bones and give me more muscle cramps (although I do miss competing in poomse competitions as well as sparring), As for wall climbing, already sold my wall climbing gear from HS... then there's airsoft, the game's great but it burns a whole more on your wallet that golf and cycling.

My feet and legs are still toned and trained from all the cycling I've done... so I thought why not run? Although am sure that running requires different leg muscles... so I guess I should try it.

I was never a runner, I was more of a sprinter. High school was the last time I was able to wear running shoes, even running and training under a club (JASMS PAA Athletics). My dilemma when running is that I'm flat-footed, and I easily get exhausted in the long run. It's a dilemma, but it seems natural. So I guess I'll have to face the natural and start running again.

So what shoes do I get? Any suggestions?

Contemplating on getting a Vibram FiveFingers KSO, expensive but might be worth it. And the new FILA Skele-toes, cheaper but might be a fresh start to toe shoes.


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