Wishlist for Christmas (that's not gonna happen)

Every year I usually have a Wishlist. Well not really for Christmas, as it's already considered cliche. A few years back I had a Wishlist/Buylist on this blog, but opted to remove it.

With Nine-speed drive-trains slowly being removed from the market, I've come to a conclusion that what I need most is 9-speed drive-train spares while supplies last. Some has been telling me that 10-speed Bicycle Drivetrains the better option, sadly I'm not riding with the bandwagon. As I'm aware that 9-speed chains are tougher than the thinner 10-speed option. If it was possible to go 8-speed, and if Shimano still produces Deore XT 8-speed or SRAM still produces SRAM 7.0 8-speed, I'd go for that.

So let's stop with the chase, here is my short wishlist for 2012 Christmas.... that's I'm sure it's not gonna happen.

Expensive ain't it... well chainreactioncycles' the only site I'm aware of which is still selling 9-speed bicycle components. Maybe soon, when there's stock I'd buy each and every piece soon.


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