Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Run Log: 11/28/12 - 3:00pm

This time around, I tried doing something I haven't done for a long time. Back then when I was doing taekwondo in high school, I always had a short muscle stretching. So with the same routine I had back then. I applied it for today's run session. Of course not on the treadmill this time. Another Couch-to-3k run, this time around the village. From what I remember on the cyclocomp, one run around the village's outer streets is equivalent to 0.63 km. So this time I based my intervals around that run... took longer than expected as there were a number of 20 to 30deg inclines.

  • 1st Lap  - 0.63km - 8:21
  • 2nd Lap - 0.63km - 9:33
  • 3rd Lap - 0.63km - 8:02
  • * 10 minute break
  • 4th Lap - 0.63km - 8:09
  • 5th Lap - 0.63km - 9:44
  • 6th Lap - 0.63km - 10:25
Unlikely I was to finish exhausted... took longer than the usual this time around, damn those inclines... and running on the pavement's definitely better than on the treadmill... still having sore feet, fuck flatfooted-ness.

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