The Path of Mastering Max

I haven't completely mastered 3DsMax yet, although the learning process isn't that hard either... its more of challenging. My colleagues are already at the level in where each process is now an instinct to accomplish a stroke or movement in Max... and as for me still far from that. I still need to remember each key.

Damn, I admire my officemates... they're all so good, both with the use of 3DsMax and other softwares such as Virtools 3.6 and 4 as well as... ZBRUSH *drool*.

Anyhow aside from work... actually I'm a little sad... because I'm going to lose a gunsmith for my airsoft guns. He's going to Dubai for work, and eventually they'll be closing their shop here in Quezon City, Philippines. Also sad because I won't be able to play a weekender's game often like I used to... I'm not yet used to my work schedule, even nowadays because I haven't fully adjusted to my work periods (i'm often used to doing my workstuff nocturnally).

Oh on another note... I think I'm enjoying my work as a 3D Artist... and I also think that I may able to last long on overtimes... been taking an 8 hour 30 minutes shift nowadays, than the regular 7 hours 30 minutes.

Haha, I really love my job.


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