Tuesday, March 24, 2009

VISA... denied!

Ehehehe... it was expected anyways.

Anyhow a few weeks ago my parents applied me for a US Visa together with the family... as I stated back then, applying for a US Visa is futile in my case, I'm not economically stable (although I'm socially and mentally stable). My parents said, why not give it a try... well nothing to lose but 6k pesos (wtf?! That could be my commuting money as well as feeding me for two weeks)

So... this morning we were scheduled for appearance and interview for the US Visa... the process wasn't that long anyways... at 9am we were interview by the consul... guess what, the Consul spoke in our native language. Weird and at the same time I was in awe, a foreigner spoke in Filipino (formerly tagalog). The interview wasn't that long, it was rather brief... in the end My parents as well as my two younger siblings got their US Visas... while I didn't. The Consul told me to apply again when I have garnered/gathered experience.

It was already expected so I didn't have any hard feelings or disgust. Masaya ako right now, that it was a try worth experiencing.


krissy said...

hahahahahahaha!!! well, you'll get your experience starting tomorrow.. you should have borrowed some "Show money" from your parents since it was their idea.. What if they decide to go on a vacation? timmy has hers, you'll be left behind! 0_o

Caddy said...

well i'm fine by being left behind krissy.

US isn't really my cup of tea. I'm still really aiming for Singapore or Japan.

Ruth said...

US isn't my cup of tea either, hahahaha.

Too bad about the visa though, it isn't fun being 'rejected.' Hope you find your dream.

Thanks for you nice words about David's funeral.