Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Banshee Viento Build: Sponsorship of Parts [Week 11]

I wasn't able to update everyone on what happened to the Viento after Week 8. So to give everyone a track back with the bike build last year. I'll be finishing all those drafts and publish them for everyone to catch up.

November 30, 2014

Ran the Viento in a Single Speed set-up for three weeks now... just changed my perspective of a Single Speed AMHT being an impossible thing. I clearly enjoyed pedaling the bike on unpredictable, sketchy and muddy terrain... though that's the feeling when you pedal upwards. But once you get to the top and point the nose down and go down the steep hill... all hell break loose.

The Bombproof SF10 SRSuntour Epicon RLD adjusted from 120mm to 140mm
via internal travel adjustment. Definitely a bang-for-the-buck Trail/AM Fork

A 120mm travel front end, don't do lots of justice, as the fork couldn't absorb all those bombing and jumps... especially for an un-serviced SF10 SRSuntour Epicon RLD.

So I had brought the bike to a local bike shop (LBS), and had the fork serviced, and travel adjusted. Back then I used to do the servicing on my own. Though after years of riding on Marzocchis and Rockshoxs... I have forgotten on how to disassemble an SRSuntour Epicon.

After servicing, the fork has been adjusted to its maximum travel allowed of 140mm travel. A 20mm adjustment proves to be worth a lot especially for an aggressive trail bike, in which that additional 20 millimeter can absorb more from uneven terrain and unpredictable drops. Aside from the travel adjustment, the fork was now able to function properly, The stiction and friction was gone, and rebound was now fluider than ever.

Though when I got home, someone got me a package. Since its my first time building the bike on my own, my father the head of Team Ageless Warriors, sponsored me with a drive-train package. Telling me to get my butt back on the saddle so I could join the team again soon.

This is of course a big change, and a big thank you to the team.

Shimano SLX 2x10 shifters, SRAM PG1050 12-36t cassette, YBN 10 speed chain and a Shimano XT M785 Shadow+ Mid Cage RD was part of the drive-train they gave me. Thanks to my father and Team Captain for the drive-train.

So without any hesitation, I got my tools out and started putting the parts into their respective places. Though I did have a hard time tuning the rear derailleur, that I had to bring the bike again to the bike shop for shifting tune-up. Now it's shifting like a charm.

1x10 is simply amazing, Shifting is simple and minimal, though an upgrade to a 42T cassette ring would make a considerable jump in shifting, especially with the absence of a granny ring.

It's the 11th week since I built the bike from ground up, now it's time to take it out for a spin~! Will give you all a review as soon as I shred more dirt, and execute technical lines.

Now the Banshee Viento is finally re-built

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