Saturday, July 04, 2015

Dad's Own Cook Book

Ever since my best friend and I got married, every time she would cook or bake something up, all that I would do was hover around and taste test her creations. Of course wives know their husbands best, she knew that I was getting iffy, wanting to know how to cook or bake like her...
Though it might look like a second hand book, it's the content and thought that counts. <3 td="">
That's why this afternoon, the #loveofmylife got me my very first cook book, "Dad's Own Cook Book by Bob Sloan". When we think of cooking/baking and Dad... it often doesn't match (except grilling barbeque), it's a time-old thing that the kitchen isn't a domain suited for us; without proper knowledge it's either we blow-up or make a mess.

Of course there's an exception for some men who are gifted or knowledgeable with cooking/baking. But for the general population of men who aren't gifted with the skills to cook, this book is considered as a bible. It's not your usual cook book, though it sounds like an "idiots guide to cooking". But the author explains each lesson and step to the easiest way possible to understand. ... and to better understand everything,

I'll browse by the pages and see if I can level my cooking/baking skills up.... Will surely update you all as soon as possible.

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