Thursday, July 30, 2015

Bike Commuting and Today's Metro Manila Wide Shake Drill

So its another day at the office, and just bike commuted once again to work... Trails and road really differ a lot... Though some would say that road cycling is smooth as it gets... Though it is not a reality for people who runs knobby tires on the road.

You might tell me, "Simple! Get a road bike or a commuter!"

Its not that simple, not all people can go afford and buy a new bike. So we opt to get tires fit for the road instead.

Anyway, today at school, there was an event scheduled to happen, it was a region-wide event covering the whole the Metro Manila... It is called the Shake Drill. It simulates the preparedness and preparations needed when the Big Quake comes. So the school were I teach participated... And here are some photos of what transpired.

People from other establishments also participated in the said drill, though some were oblivious of what was happening. 

Our school did our part, from evacuations, transporting the injured to first aid:

Imagine what would happen if the Big Quake did happen, what would happen to these people who are oblivious and ignorant about safety and preparedness?

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