Curried Potatoes and Baked Fish Fillet with G.O.T

So last night, I volunteered to prepare dinner. I'm now confident that I can finally cook something up. So the recipe of choice this time is Curried Potatoes with Chicken Broth.

I didnt do it flawlessly, as I had mistakenly burnt the spices on the first try. By the second try I was able to do it properly, with the guidance of my lovely an awesome wife.

On the pther hand, my lovely and awesome wife, Aya prepared something to go with the potatoes I prepared, Baked Fish with Garlic, Onions and Tomatoes (G.O.T. not to be confused with Game of Thrones) baked in Butter, check the photos out:

Enclosed in parchment paper... Then when peeled open...


Its great being able to cook and combine your dishes together, that's one awesome teamwork!

Hope to cook more soon!


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