When the Trail gets Muddy, the Trail gets Tough

It's the storm season already this year, and the trails just got a little tougher to go biking on. So time to put those knobbies on, from Mud Tires to DH/FR treads.

Well with the above introduction, I surely had a muddy weekend around UP Diliman's trail network last Saturday. A week before last weekend, there was a race that transpired on one of UP Diliman's trail network, the UP CHK or UP College of Human Kinetics trail. It is a 500m loop, though can be considered a newbie trail, it became a challenging one-up, after the storm that passed by... 

...so for those newbies planning to ride this particular trail, make sure to equip yourself with the proper tires (DO NOT USE Fast Rolling Tires or Slicks).


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