Sunday@UP Newbie Ride and "Buy Me a Bike" Bazaar

During Sundays what do most people do at UP Diliman?

Most do their daily exercises, some jog around the UP Oval... some participate in the Marathons held within its grounds... some enjoy the delicious Lugaw and Sopas the UP Kiosks has to offer. And of course there are the cyclists both roadies and mtbikers who tours UP's pavements and trails.

A few weeks ago at, the forum for the Pinoy Mountain Biker. The Sundays@UP group arranged a Sunday@UP Newbie Ride to give a boost morale ride to those starting with this hobby/sport. Of course this also serves as an EB with mountainbikers: old and new (in my case I'm a young oldie who came back to the sport just a few months ago).

Actually it wasn't just the Sundays@UP who organized an event within UP Diliman's grounds. There was also Ma'am Nokia, Lavender and Whoops and PMTB Admins who arranged a parts bazaar entitled: "Buy Me A Bike", a fund raising activity to raise money to buy bikes for the children @ Redeemer's Home in Antipolo.

To join each rider will donate a used or unused part and it will be priced and sold from 10 php to 200 php. And all proceeds will be going to the bikes to be given to these kids.

Anyhow it was rather unexpected... attendees reach more than 50 (correct me if I'm wrong), that we almost got Ma'am Nokia and Lavender's place jampacked with bikes, that it eventually turned into a Bike Park. And to top it all both events were a success.

and to show the evidence to it, I took photographs and it can all be found at my multiply @


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