Just got home from Tito Ching's place (Palma-Lota Bakery along General Ave., Tandang Sora). And left DIA with him for repainting and possibly change of parts.

Actually like Sir Jay, Tito Ching also suggested me to build a new bike. Sadly even if I wanted to, don't have enough money to buy a new bike (a Merida Motts that goes around 16k Php). Thats why I'm sticking to restoring DIA to her former glory.

I also went to Roosevelt Bicycle Shop and checked if they have SRAM groupsets especially the X5, sadly I got "no" for an answer since they only provide Shimano gruppo for MTB. It sucks actually... was planning to cut some weight on DIA.
Anyways... since there was no SRAM parts, I inquired about their Shimano Gruppos...

Of course Alivio's at around 6k and these are v-brake specific... followed by Acera at around 4.8k and Altus at 4.2k

Sadly there's no Tourney, and I think the only stores that carry Tourney nowadays are the LBS... and per se, its part by part.

Luckily DIA's with Tito Ching so I have no worries of spending a portion of my paycheck on parts for now. It's pushing me to save for SRAM x5 (6.6k without the front derailleur and the brake levers and vees).


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