Friday, June 05, 2009

Rainy Days and Fridays... Saturday included

Its been a rainy stormy week, especially yesterday and most specially today.

But to point it out, there was no announcement by PAG-ASA about a storm. All that was announced was a Low Pressure Area.
So as a result, I'm always soaked wet when I arrive home.

Tomorrow's Saturday~ and I'm sure there'll be scattered rain showers all over Metro Manila. And as it seems I'll be able to bring DIA to Tito Ching's place in the late afternnon.
The reason is because Dad's asking me to accompany him to the high hills of Antipolo and play the "expensive" game of airsoft... of course its only expensive if you play it weekly.
And we don't play the game that often nowadays, eversince Dad went back to preparing for marathons and me who went back to mountain biking.

I would like to say no... but... I'll be missing more of these Father and Son bondings. Thats why I finally decided in accompanying him to the gamesite tomorrow.

I just hope it doesn't rain that hard, or I'll opt to taking out my camera to take photographs instead than play.

So stay tuned for the photographs~ enjoy~

(PS: Still at the office, waiting for paycheck... blogger's blocked here, so I'm writing via e-mail once again.)

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