Itching to ride... and overhauling~

I've been itching to ride with DIA for a few days now... Just two more days...

But wait! I forgot, I should be bringing DIA to my Tito Ching's place for overhauling. But it seems like with my work schedule for today I'll just have to bring her on Saturday morning.
On the same day, before I go to his place I'll probably drop by to Roosevelt Bicycle Shop and check if they got those old Shimano Tourney Groupsets.

Weird noh? I'm getting the entry-level components of the yesteryears. The reason is because I'm planning to retain DIA on her original 21-speed gears (3x7)... but since SHimano already faced-out the 200GS series. My last opt is the Tourney Series (Acera or Atlus is out of the question).

Sunday also marks Dad's marathon day, he's supposed to run the 15k category of the Mizuno Run @ the Fort. I'll make sure to bring ISHI (Maruishi) along for some light trailing. But I'm sure I'm going to be laughed at the McKinley Trail with a 20" FS Folder. Ehehehe...

Anyhow I still got 1 hour and 30 minutes to spare before my shift start.

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Mailman said…
Greetings! How's the ISHI goin? I'm interested in getting/rebuilding a used 20" folder for adventure camping/touring . I would appreciate your input or want to dispose yours after you update your DIA. Thanx in advance.
Bunny said…
ISHI's doin quite great, I've taken her around the metro, and its been quite a while since I've done that on 20" rims. I've been thinking on bringing her on the trails once I replace her rear drum brake to side-pulls similar to those used by BMXs.

Having a 20" folder for adventure and or touring's quite unusual like most of the people say. But its quite fascinating and challenging in using one moreover for adventure. I brought ISHI once to a local trail once, and believe me it was a challenge climbing a steep-slope but was applauded by other trail-riders when I reached the top of slope. They didn't expect that something so small can even climb hills.

I've been thinking of selling her before... but I'm probably keeping her till I get another MTB (during that time DIA will be in her restoration process) in a couple of months. I just hope if ever she does get sold, her new owner would take good care of her.

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