Sunday, June 28, 2009

Two weeks, with little on the road and more on the bed

It's actually crap, being not able to grab DIA, and taking her for a spin for three weeks and being not able to write a post for two friggin weeks.

Unlikely, today's the day I'll be picking her up from Tito Ching's place after three weeks of repainting and drying. And that also means three weeks of no-rough-road experience on the MTB.

Well seriously, wihout DIA's presence I had my rides on the road with ISHI (folding bike), like last last week when I had to use her and climb Antipolo's hills (which shouldn't be)... joined the Firefly Brigade's CMR to GSIS Museum (Pasay City) from Greenhills (San Juan) last week Saturday. And some here and there errands from my house to some places...and to mind you that I was doing these errands after arriving home late at night, and this aren't things that involve those illegal stuff, if you're thinking it that way. More likely vegetable shopping for my lunch the next day.

Anyhow yesterday, I had to stay home... itching to ride, and even worse wanting to join Jenny Arce's group ride to Tagaytay. Which is rather sad, since DIA's still not with me. And building her yesterday would only be futile, since I'm not yet done in rebuilding her because I'm lacking better-working-rims.

I'll be continuing this post later after I pick her up from tito Ching's place.


Anyhow I'm back...

Got DIA's body (frame) from Tito Ching this morning... and damn she's gorgeous in Glossy Dark Green. Will be bringing her on Saturday to DS Turner Bike Shop @ Cartimar for assembly... together with the Alivio Groupset I bought from them two weeks ago. All she needs left is rims, but I just couldn't figure out, which rims would be best that goes with tight budget. I was looking forward to fit her with Alexrims XC Lite V-Brake Rims or Alexrims Sub V-Brake Rims.

I wonder how much would 1 Pair of Rims, Spokes and Nipples would cost me plus bike assembly?

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