Rainy Days...and Rest day~

We didn't get to go to Alpadi for our monthly airsoft game with our teammates from CCAG. The biggest reason why? The rain never stopped, it because of the Tropical Monsoon.

Anyhow I'm waiting for Mom and my sister, Isay to arrive from the hospital (stress test), so I can go around the metro and check the LBStores for prices on Tourney or Alivio, and/or how much a Crank, an RD, an 8-speed shifter, an 8-speed casette, a Bottom Bracket, an 8-speed Chain would cost. Typically your accounting on how much your spending for items you'll be needing for the replacements/slight upgrade.

Anyhow I just hope it doesn't rain tomorrow on Dad's run so I can come and take a spin at the Fort Bonifacio area.


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