tackling UP Diliman's Trails... really???

True, last Sunday I had the chance to tackle UP Diliman's Trails. Actually there isn't any real trail, since its really a mash-up of different places like creak crossing, rice paddy trail, single-track behind Bulwagang Rizal, single-track at the Track Oval near Bahay ng Alumni.

I would like to thank Revsant, Lavender and Nokia for showing us the beautiful trails within UP's compound. I would never look at UP Diliman the same way every weekends. It makes me want to take note of each location, and might try mashing every trail and creating a weekend practice route, so I can tackle licao-licao next time with a little ease.

Anyhow, DIA got mud covered all over after challenging UP's mix-and-match trail. Adding of course Saturday's Maarat ride. And to count also me who got mud covered all over too.

***Actually I forgot to transfer the photos of DIA's new look and the aftermath of her experiences on two consecutive trail rides... Maarat and UP Dil Trail. If ever I get a chance to bypass Unionbank Plaza's IP Block, I'll post them asap.


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