I was in the verge of blacking-out during today's ride and climb to Redeemer's Hope Antipolo to deliver the Bikes to the kids in the orphanage. I was glad that a couple of roadies (cyclists riding road bikes) attended to reviving me to reality. I would like to thank them, but I wasn't able to ask their names.

Anyhow, the reason of blacking-out was probably the lack of decent sleep and moreover, being low-on-sugar... and the biggest reason would be me changing my ride pace to my own Agressive XC pedaling, when the given pace was the group climb pace. Ang tigas kasi ng ulo ko't gusto ko i-tackle kagad yung matarik.

Anyways, these all happened when we were tackling the uphill section of Sumulong rd., the one going to Padi's Point Antipolo and Valleygolf. When I changed my pace, dun ko naisip na I'm not the rider I used to be, who can tackle Antipolo's cardio-climbs like I used to 5 years ago. First that hit me was hip cramps. I told the group to go on, and I'll follow... since I don't want them to compromise and wait for me. It'll just slow them down in delivering the bikes for the kids.

I pedaled once more, but when I reached Valleygolf's gate, that's when I decided to walk... I felt the heat and started to feel dizzy, my sling/belt bag was preventing me to breathe normally because of its weight and the sling restricting me breathe. I pedaled again after a few minutes of recovery... but stopped after three meters, just in front of a police precinct. Thats when I'm starting to black-out. A few minutes later a couple of roadies noticed me going pale. That's when they started reviving me to reality, "Wag kang pipikit! Huminga ka sa ilong wag sa labi." (Don't close your eyes! Breathe through your nose not through your mouth." These were the words I heard first, and the first moments that I started waking up.

They guided me to the police precinct so I could quickly recover... they were so helpful that they even notified my groupmates about my situation.

Banj went back to check on me, and I told him that I can't join anymore, and will be waiting for my sister's driver to fetch me.

Anyhow upon arriving home, I went berserk and started eating heavily on a carbo-diet. I also spent the rest of the day sleeping.


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