Thursday, July 02, 2009

LBM... a member of the workforce's common enemy

I'm a little depressed of not being able to go to the office today because of LBM (loose bowel movement) , even worse because today our office's offering double pay to us artists since its a holiday (Pasig Day).

I think the reason behind all these was the pesto sauce of my pasta... which turned out moist when I had it for lunch. Lesson learned that when bringing pasta to the office, I should make sure that the noodles is separated from the sauce... even worse if its pesto.

Anyhow I had to spend the day at home... sleeping and most of the time inside the bathroom spending my time releasing all the evil things down the toilet. Its a pain knowing that your losing weight on the toilet seat because of LBM and not by calorie-burning through exercise.

As of right now writing this blog post... I've been to the toilet and back for already the 8th time around since I first had the stomach cramps from last night and first release yesterday at around 10pm.

I know, I know... its a little disgusting posting/reading this... but what can I do? I want to rant about it... and its a pain losing one day of your precious life at the office where you earn for a living. But to top it all off, it was also my negligence of my food intake. That I shouldn't have eaten the pasta when I found that the cover had moisten. Even though it wasn't heated when I brought it. And definitely I should continue having my vegan diet instead. Meat would definitely be a no-no, specially pork... chicken's fine but not often.

I have grown to love vegetables, and thats the bottom-line and which I have maintained my weight to 140-145 in the past four weeks... except today when it dropped to 138 pounds because of LBM. I hope to gain 2 more pounds in a few days.

I know, 140's too light for my 5'11 height... its the border line of being malnourished and healthy for my height and physique. But the reason for this all is for my cycling in which I need to maintain a weight that would go in balance with my all-steel mountain bike. I'm planning gain more weight in a few months possibly reach at least 150 lbs. when I switch from steel-frame to aluminum. But for now 140 to 145's fine.

Ok we've jumped from one topic to another... well thats how things go we jumped from LBM to health issues and down to weight... then jumped again to cycling. Lets jump a little more and head to what has been happening.

For starter's I've been thinking of doing a facelift for this blog, since my theme and possibly the title doesn't give off an exact meaning. Since of course to be honest it sounds like something thought out of random.... whiiiich~ is true. I'll be changing its color theme to something even lighter and with a title that fits my personality and a theme thats fits me, a no-nonsense theme compared to what its called right now.

Oh before I forget, DIA's going to flaunt her new appearance next week when we climb Antipolo and bring the bikes we raised for the Redeemer's Home on July 11, 2009. From her dirty retro bronze outfit to a snazzy dark-green look. But possibly in a few months she'll be sporting new shoes in glossy white. Just love a girl in green and earth colours.

Somehow I've been hearing a lot of people's been telling me that I've caught the "upgradetitis", a virus that's hard to cure in which you begin to be discontented with your current gear and always upgrade to a new one that suits you best. But of course there's no "best" since you still do upgrade to a better one. To clear everything my last purchase, the Alivio Gruppo for DIA was just a replacement to my aging 200GS Gruppo.

The same goes with her new look, its old bronze colour looked very dirty that I had to change it to a more appealing look, most of her parts are not upgrades since she's in the process of restoration. Possibly in a few months the time would come that I'll have to place her on the wall or to display her with her original components and create a new rig for me to ride. Her kind's quite rare nowadays. 1991's a hard year to recapture... 18 years have passed and not much of her kinds exists in the Philippines or even in Southeast Asia nowadays (US, is out the question since there are a lot of vintage mtb enthusiasts there, I just wish I could have someone to buy parts from there).

I'll post next time DIA's transformation on Sunday... as well as what used to be her components which will be cleaned and retrofitted to her when she'll be restored.

But for now, I'll head back to the toilet and have my Nth time release... I hope this brings enlightenment to others... choose wisely on what you eat and digest, or else you'll suffer the same consequences that I'm having.

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