Tuesday, July 21, 2009

dirt DIRT DIRTY!!!

Last Saturday I rode my bike to Aling Tina's @ San Mateo, located below the steep hills of Timberland. I was there because I joined the ride organized by Mckouleith (Cesar).

it was a sweat pipe ride that started from climbing "The Wall"...

But eventually I had to dismout a lot of times, since riding DIA on a steep uphill is torture to my body. Cromoly doesn't do justice to asthmatic riders moreover if its steep uphill like what "The Wall" offers.

and stopping by Timberland's Gates... from there we toured uphill to the Timberland's Clubhouse. And from there we entered muddy mountain terrain, only "Maarat" has to offer. After soaking our tyres and bodies in mud we headed forward rolling our mud stricken tyres onto the long winding pavement reaching "Giant" a few minutes from Maarat's tail.

After an hour of resting we headed back down to Aling Tina's... from Giant it was reverse this time. What we climbed for 3 hours and 30 minutes was completed downhill in less than 1 hour.

We went our separate ways after having lunch at Aling Tina's... not when a sudden pour of rain showered everyone of us. Thus having our ride home a soaking wet experience. Sadly our souvenir mud on our bikes were washed out by the sudden downpour.

But of course that experience alone is already the best thing for one to satisfy him or herself.

In my case, I'm starting to love the dirt. And have been wanting to climb Maarat once more.

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