Rainy Season has come~

I've started to enjoy the rainy season which started with a bend at the previous corner.

Unluckily it started on a bad start last Saturday, in which the "new" batch of guards @ the Mira-Nila Gate (a few blocks after my village) started asking me why I was passing through using my bike, they said they were asked not to let anyone pass through the gates riding the bike as well as those walking. I said I'm a homeowner, and we had the right and privilege to pass through this gate and as well with gates 1 and 2. As discussed a few months ago. The same goes of course with the morning joggers. As if... I ride the same route everyday, I only pass through during weekends.

Plus! Do I look like a commuter with my get-up? Or is it possibly that they can only recognize weekend riders with modern high-end bikes like the Giant Trance XO or the Merida HFS series. Unluckily my vintage Diamond Back looks like the generic Xycolone MTB used by the majority of commuters. Which the guards think as a lower-end of mountain bike that any can avail. Which is true, but of course even if your bikes low-end its still considered a bike that can be used for exercise.

Anyhow, my father who also who frequents passing through the said subdivision's gates will be having a talk with the board of directors of Mira-Nila Homeowners Assoc. regarding the stupidity the guards of MN has started implementing without proper knowledge of this rule that they started to bring out.

Yesterday I took a detour... and took a longer way which of course is tiring but added 6kms. more on the usual route.

Plus of course more kilometers and more calories burned when I arrived at University of the Philippines for the PMTB UP Trail Ride with the PMTB Babes. Of course it was tiring not because of the trails, but because of the part that we peaked at around 70++ riders. My job of course during the ride was as the whole group's sweeper together with mackieboy.

I'm glad that after the ride that I got to see everyone's smiles. That mackieboy and my choc-nut contribution (energy bar) was what also gave them those smiles.

Bunny de la Cruz
"The Rabbit on Two Wheels"


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