Friday, July 31, 2009

A Triathlon just around the bend~

Registration to the Cobra Energy Drink: Ironman 70.3mi Triathlon Race is nearing its end. In just a few hours registration'll be closing.

And on August 23, 2009 the whistle will be blown to start the awaited race to test one man/woman's strength, endurance and stamina.

Well in my case, I'll just have to watch on my television or listen to the radio on what'll be happening. My work's not going to agree with me taking an absence to watch this event. Eventually, this may be considered our country's own Tour de France... minus the part that this is a Triathlon race. But for us "Mountain Riders" our TransAlps or World Cup XC would be the yearly Terry Larrazbal Bike Festival.

Weird though, why am I blogging about the coming triathlon event even though I don't do tris... the answer lies with the text messages I've been receiving.

First came from a colleague of mine from college whose been asking me where to get Profile Design AquaRack, a bottle cage holder hugging your seatpost, allowing you to carry two extra water bottles without messing aerodynamics.

Next came from another colleague from college who inquired on aero dynamic helmets, in which I told her that she can get one that suits her @ LifeCycle Greenhills.

And this morning my father sent me a text message about an officemate or possibly a friend of his inquiring on Michelin Pro 3 Race tires... the first thing that came to mind is of course LifeCycle Greenhills. Since this bike shop offers complete arsenal on road and triathlon gear and components.

Anyhow I'll have to adjourn... since typing this would cut my working time short. Till next post.

Bunny de la Cruz
"The Rabbit on Two Wheels"

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