Banshee Viento Rebuild: IT'S ALIVE!!! (part 1)

With the support my awesome wife, Aya. 
The Banshee Viento gets rebuilt. 
And it got new sexy front legs~!

So what happened? Well last night my wife and I met a local seller of the very elusive Epicon X1 by SRSuntour. To some who have been riding on an SRSuntour Epicon/Epixon chassis, this was one of the sought after model in the Epicon/Epixon range. It featured a Hollow Crown similar to the Axon, and this was the particular model that didn't have that "Clunk!" sound when you bottom the fork out.

This particular model was very popular when it was released back in 2013, as it was the first generation of SRSuntour Epicon forks that sported the hollow crown and 15TA lowers. Though my fork ran with 9QR lowers, but still sported the hollow crown. It was a fix from the 2012 model that had that loud clunk when bottomed out. Though unknown to many, this was older brother of today's Epixon TR. Some Epicon X1's have the additional internal adjustment peg, that allows you to adjust the travel of this fork to 150mm travel (other models only have it at 140mm Max)

The previous Epicon that I had, had a different remote lock-out switch, this version had a dedicated release button. 

Back when this gem can be bought for 11,000 Php (Philippine Pesos) or 240 USD, now at second hand it can still be bought at around 6,000 Php to 8,500 Php or 130USD to 185USD... though this is the price for the 9QR version, what more for 15TA.

So how did the re-building go? More soon~


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