Bunny's Kitchen - Vegetable Rigatoni in Corn Cream Milk

I've been wanting to try cooking some pasta for my wife, and so I was browsing Chef John's Food Wishes and stumbled at his Summer Vegetable Cavatelli with Fresh Corn Cream recipe. And thought that doing this for dinner would be a great alternative for us. Equipped with my Dad's Own Cook Book, I started relearning the ropes after weeks of cooking the basics.

So I went out with the #loveofmylife to get some ingredients for the dish. Only to find out that Cavatelli that is used in the recipe is not available here in Metro Manila. And so we substituted the Cavatelli with an existing pasta that was in our pantry, "Rigatoni" a thicker and bigger version of Penne.

So I followed Chef John's recipe... learning the ropes from my cook book bible and my wife's careful guidance.

The only problem I stumbled upon, is when creating the Corn Milk, in which you have to stir the sliced corn kernel with chicken broth. It resulted in dryness of the sauce, My wife suggested that we add a little cream to avoid drying of the corn milk. And so we did, creating a different version of the recipe.

The dish turned out amazing, topped with Parmesan and grated Mozzarella, this dish turned out amazingly delicious~!

So here's the breakdown of the recipe, which is good for 4 portions.
For the corn “cream”
2 ears Japanese Sweet Corn
2 cups chicken broth
1/2 cup of Nestle Cream

For the pasta:
2 cups Rigatoni
1 tbsp olive oil
4 ounces diced bacon
1 1/2 cup diced zucchini
pinch of cayenne
salt and pepper to taste
1 1/2 to 2 cups corn “cream,” or as needed
1 1/2 cup halved Tomatoes
1 tbsp chopped Cilantro
1 tbsp finely sliced fresh Basil Leaves
grated Parmesan
grated Mozzarella


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