Saturday, August 15, 2015

#ItsNotTooLateToLearn Web Design

So this morning, I started my first day learning Web Design at the school where I teach (CIIT - College of Arts and Technology). Though I'm a week delayed with the lessons, I then started multi-tasking to catch up.

Even though I'm in my early 30's I can't let my age hinder me from learning new things.

Multi-tasking: self-learning with back lessons and on-topic with the current lesson.



mansonmamaril said...

Me too... I'm catching up with the recent technology in web design/web development... want to collaborate sir? haha XD

nga po pala... some recommendations:
wordpress(content management system) for easier website creation(rather than from scratch), Brackets text editor for starters and Netbeans (what I use) for hardcore devs... :D

Anton Daniel de la Cruz said...

Ayt, will take note of that Manson, yung ang next kong pinag-aaralan as of now. Naalala ko yang Netbean, but never got the chance to go deeper on it.

Collaboration? Siguro kapag bihasa na ako with html and css. Sinasabayan ko ng, self-study.