Sunday, August 23, 2015

Rebooting and Maintenance of the Render Machine

A year ago I built a Mini ITX Render Station from the remnants of my old system (Anya V2), as I needed something smaller to bring in either LAN Parties or when I needed something for Render Farming. I stopped using it a few months before my marriage. Then just a few weeks ago, I revived that particular work station and brought it to my office for a boot-up. It was working just fine... when suddenly the vid card wasn't responding. Well it was running still, but visuals were non-existent.

overnight updating and back-up of files

So I brought it with me at my in-laws place, and cleaned, booted and checked if I could still run it properly. And yes it did, "Anya V3" is back and running.

Possibly in the next few months I'll be selling this rig, as I've been using my ASUS ROG 551JM more often for my 3D Rendering, Curriculum Development and general Graphic Design.

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