Banshee Viento Rebuild: Morning Ride that's full of surprises (part 3)

Since my teaching schedule today's set in the evening, I took the Viento out for a yesterday morning, riding the usual trails around UP Diliman's campus. The trail's were rather moist and muddy due to the rains these past few days.

Thru the initial mileage, the suspension worked really well, though fine tuning it would further improve the rebound and compression adjustments. Then every surprise happened after I started riding with my usual aggressive trail maneuvering. I did a four-feet drop near the Art and Sciences parking lot, in which I missed landing the bike properly, causing me to end with a flat rear tire.

Pinched flat, with two snake bites. Good thing I brought patches, though bad thing is... my air pump's not working, so I borrowed from a stranger. What an unlucky morning.
Auggh, every time I bring my pump, I don't get a flat...

So I took out my spare tube, only to find that it's missing a valve. Pfft, so to all the readers out there, make sure to purchase a trusted brand of inner tube for your bikes, my spare tube was of a generic brand.

So there was no other choice but to patch my punctured tube. The patches I'm using are, Topeak's FLYPAPER Glueless Patch Kit. I bought these last year around November, and I have used two of the 6 patches already. So since I had two punctures now, I'll have to patch them both with the Glueless Flypaper.

applied the first patch, now on to the second... snake bite.

After patching, and inflating air, I was able to run the bike again.... but I didn't get far as the tire deflated after a few meters. So I took out the tire, and found that one of the patches wasn't able to hold on properly to the tube, as the adhesive has worn off.


So I had to patch my tires again, this time applying an extra patch over the other, to make sure the air won't leak.

I was able to get home, but after an hour of having it parked, the air once again leaked, and Topeak's Flypaper Patches' have lost their adhesive's grip. A product that I would never buy again. Pfft. :(


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