Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Banshee Viento Rebuild: New Legs, But Old Trusty Parts (part 2)

So I let go of the Rockshox SID which was light yet didn't fit my cycling style, with fears of bottoming out. So I disassembled the bike a few weeks bike to sell some parts. And just two nights ago, my wife and I found a local seller selling a used but well taken care, SRSuntour Epicon X1 RLO.

Recently acquired SF13 SRSuntour Epicon X1 RLO with 9QR lowers
It may sound like a downgrade to some, but this particular model was what I was looking for. Lightweight and near bombproof, it's the perfect bang-for-the-buck trail fork.

So just after purchasing the fork, and getting home and finished dinner, Amalia (Banshee Viento, named by the first owner), gets rebuilt.

stored in the attic, almost gathering some dust

The good thing is, the fork sported an 8 inch steerer, and fitting it on a size 19 frame was just a perfect fit. With enough room for the stem to clamp on the steerer.

Perfect Fit!

With the Rear Wheels on, calibrating the calipers

And finally! The bike finally rebuilt, with the Epicon X1 RLO on the front end. Though, I did try fitting my Baradine 180mm Rotors, and there is somewhat an issue with mounting floating rotors. The rotor spider keeps on rubbing the lower legs, with nearly zero clearance... so I reverted back to using the lighter but thinner Ashima 180 Airotors. I'll have to find a way to add a spacer on the Fire Eye Excellerant Convertible front hub.

Will take this ride for a test ride this weekend and see how it rides compared to the 2011 SRSuntour Epicon and 2010 Rockshox SID Race.

more updates soon~!

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