Thursday, August 20, 2015

Bunny's Kitchen: Tortellini con Prosciutto in Marinara

 Every Thursday I'm scheduled to make dinner for the two of us. Though today's different, I arrived home early and there's a lot of time for me to think and create something new for us to eat. Armed with my Pencil, Pad Paper and my Dad's Own Cook Book, for things that I don't quite understand. I ventured again into creating something good to eat.

So part of my recipe today is a new ingredient we bought on sale yesterday from the local grocery, "Tortellini" filled with Prosciutto. And for the sauce is the Marinara we prepared a few days ago. It was a recipe that my wife developed.

Pagani Tortellini and My wife, Aya's Marinara Sauce

Among all the pasta we bough, this is probably the longest one to boil, took me 30 minutes to have this boiled and softened.

The sauce was thick, and I lacked some fresh vegetables to match it with the sauce, so I took out a diced some zucchinis, added some fresh basil leaves, shredded cilantro and added some chopped parsley. When the boiling was done, the Tortellini was mixed with the Marinara Sauce and Vegetables.

And voila! and very awesome and delicious dish to enjoy. If you want to add a more meaty taste to this dish, you may add toasted shreds of corned beef.

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