May 16's Firefly Brigade CMR: Flores de Mayo Ride

Alas! 30 kms of pedal power!

Last week saturday morning I joined Firefly Brigade's 5th CMR (Critical Mass Ride), themed: Flores De Mayo & Ocean Month Ride...

We gathered at Greenhills Shopping Center at around 6:30am yesterday... in front of Life Cycle. Of course in reality, I'm not part of any bike club and its my first time joining a large group without any friends or colleagues around (my first two mass rides were the 1999 and 2002 Tour of the Fireflies, in which i had a buddy or two... nowadays I travel alone).

My main goal was to take as many pictures as I can to cover this monthly event hosted by Firefly Brigade... and of course some of PMTB's riders were there to guide the newer bikers.

At Dangwa with the Fireflies

anyhow its rather hard to explain everything but you can check the photos @ Tour of the Fireflies Mutliply Site


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