The day my parents went for a run... marathon that is

This again however is a late post, should've posted this last Sunday afternoon... but but was too tired to do so.

Last Sunday morning my folks went out early in the morning to compete for the 2.2k and 10k marathons hosted by Runnex at the UP Diliman University Oval / Grounds. Of course my younger bro was there to accompany my Mom who wasn't used to run on the pavement regularly but on runs on a treadmill instead. My Dad of course is a regular runner so its given that he would run marathons with 10k to 46k categories.

Anyhow I enjoyed the event on the bike while taking shots of Dad, Mom's and Miguel's runs... but... I wasn't on my Diamond Back (nicknamed her DIA), but on the Marushi FS Folding Bike that I bought the day before the marathon event.

Anyhow I'll also make a review on the folding bike I purchased while going along this post/story.

So where was I.... Ah! Dad of course took of earlier with the 10k peeps and was able to take a shot of the starting line dash. I wasn't able to do so back then because of the crowd of photographers that flock in front of the starting line. This time I got a lot of space to cover some of the good shots (with the macro telephoto of course). After the 10k start, the 5k followed after 2 minutes... then the 2.2k... it was Mom's run... by the Mom was also accompanied by Tita Joan Bostre (a family friend, was also one of two people I registered for the 2.2k run two weeks ago). But from the looks it, Tita Joan was already used to running kilometers on the pavement. The 2,200 meters were just a walk in a park for her... compared to my Mom who was running at her slower pace (that looked like a walk in the park), I also caught on her on cam with Miguel coaching her (although it looks like he's teasing her) but for her to join this run was already an achievement.

After Mom passed by, a few minutes later Dad followed after 5kms. or so. As always he wouldn't be able to get that 1st place or anything since he was running as usual with his slower pace and cadence. But that thing always made him a finisher. Completing the whole 10k or whatever-K it was.

More of the photos can be found here:

Of course when the award ceremony came... we waited for a few minutes before we went home... but of course since Miguel was there and Mom was there it was a brunch outside thing to do.

We had to load my Folding Bike into the trunk, gladly it fits! 20" rims and tyres fits inside a Camry's trunk, but of course... not that of a good fit, but its mostly a snugged-tight fit... the bike's heavy to put.

So we had brunch at Flapjacks, which was a good choice. Since their meals are always big servings good for the hungry fellow, that is my brother and me, who always tend to eat more than what I regularly do (taga-ubos ng tira).


Anonymous said…
i love the shot of your mom being coached by miguel.. love the pictures! and grabe talaga si tito and tita, always game! - krissy

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