If I were healthy...

If I were healthy... I won't be sitting in front of my laptop doing practice 3D works and would probably be at my work desk at the office instead...

What happened?

Well ever since Monday morning I've been barfing a lot, as in "a-lot". Plus I've been having these constant migranes, some that are unbearable... even had stomach cramps.

I just don't know why I've been having these symptoms... what was the cause of these problems I'm experiencing.

From what I remember it has been quite a long fuzzy time since I last drank coffee that many at Starbucks... a Cafe Misto Grande with two packs of sugar... that was the last drink I had before I started to feel quite bad.

So anyways, If I were healthy... I could've finished my interior for a school model asked by my boss today. I could've done another complex instore for possibly Mexico Chaudrau or Tesco China... or possibly enjoying a cup of hot tea with my coffee loving officemates and colleagues.

But wait... there's still a possiblity I'll be healthy... maybe after this day; this night; after I wake up...

Tomorrow is a new day, And sure I'll be healthy with no fever nor barfing to take another day away from me.


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