Sunday, May 31, 2009

Rainy Afternoon Spin... and mis-aligned rims

Its still raining outside.

And when there's rain there's adventure bound to happen outside. Well rain can't stop me from taking a spin around the district, even without fenders (road dirt gets into your mouth and dirties your shirt).

But to be frank, my reason was to change bottom brackets again. Because the one I bought from the LBS last week has been producing that creaking sound again just after I took DIA for semi-aggressive XC ride, I think its possibly another case of crushed bearings. So readers take note not to buy other brands aside from those on the mainstream manufacturers... especially in the case of bottom brackets.

Sadly when I got there, the owner, Mr. Allan wasn't there... only his service man. I also found out that they only sell the same kind of bottom bracket that they installed on DIA. Oh well, there was no choice but to take DIA for a spin. And my spin was restricted to a shorter ride distance. For 30 minutes I went around the district, from mild ascents to freewheeling along the highway. Of course I was mainting my pace within the 20kph to 45 kph range.

While along the wide stretch of Congressional Extension, thats when I noticed something bad, and when I say bad... it really is BAD. My rear vee's weren't making contact with the Rims. It was sliding.

I slowed down while depressing the rear brake levers and being accompanied by the front brakes. Unlike the rear vees, the front vees were responding quite well even on wet and the dirt on the rims. When I got down on the bike I inspected my rear vees, originally I set the tension at a lower set-up before leaving home, but with that tension setting it was still bound to respond best on all-weather conditions (with a 2-second delay in stopping power).

Thats when I had the conclusion that my rims are mis-aligned... it must've come with the age that it cannot be repaired anymore and needs to be replaced. Finding out that staying longer on the road would only get dangerous losing my rear vees traction at a very drastic rate.

When I got home, this is what my mis-aligned Araya RM-20 rims did to my rear vees:

the rear vee's rubber pads have gone thin... after it made contact with too much traction
with the mis-aligned rims that friction destroyed it.

that grey line is actually black rubber dirt mixed with rain water... there goes my rubber pads

Knowing that my rims are a total gonner and my vee brake pads are also going down the drain. Its about time to canvass how much money would I spend in building a new wheelset... i might possibly get that double wall Mavic Deemax (the replica/generic one sold in LBS , since I only do mild to medium XC rides).

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