I'm officially 25... and sorts~

This is rather a late post... I haven't been online for quite a time now... No access with the net.

Anyhow I just celebrated my 25th birthday last May 1, 2009... And its official I'm now 25...

My 25th birthday started with me taking my MTB to church and after that headed rode-up northern Commonwealth... to Zabarte... I was planning to go to Grotto, Bulacan. Sadly my shoes gave up on me just when I was about to check my brakes. So unluckily I headed back to UP to get some elastics for my shoes (having old shoes for biking is a no-no, sadly I love those shoes since its lighter than those shimano-type cycling cleats). Back at UP I met up with the usual folks (Sir Jay, Allan/Alvin, Gil, Edwin and etc.), a usual chat but for 30 minutes... after that I went again for a spin and went back home at around 10am... around that time... Mom called me up via celphone and told me to pick up a lot fo things for tonights feast.

That night I was originally expecting visitors... Like Michi and Mik + Mikel Lei (my nephew), Patrick and May, and Krissy... sadly not one confirmed except for Patrick... who came around 9pm... as always Patrick was always there on my birthday, we had some good ol' chats and good laughs...

My birthday's quite simple... and quiet this year... but still memorable.

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