Saturday, May 23, 2009

Of deadlines and allergies...

Unluckily I didn't get a chance to do my weekend bicycle ride on my MTB...

There are a lot of reasons why I ended up staying late in bed and/or ended up being as lazy as a sloth... or possibly even worse, attacked by skin asthma and been having breathing problems.

One thing led to another and another led to another. That's the answer.

This week we had two deadlines to finish... but in reality deadlines are quite normal, not unless there's a change of deadlines. And once your tired, finishing everything before the deadline is a even bigger problem.

Ever since my sister started her new job at Makati, we've been leaving home earlier nowadays. 630am... of course I'll arrive at the office between 7am to 715am. But of course my shift doesn't start at that time slot... morning OT isn't allowed at our studio. So I still start around 10am and end at 7pm; not unless there's a project that nearing a deadline. During this week, I'm always on overtime... staying at the office from 2 hours to 3 hours max.

Resulting of course that I always leave the office at around 9pm or 10pm.
Now doing the Math... I arrived at 7am and leave at 10pm... thats 15 hours of being awake, whats worse is 3 hours of doing nothing, time is wasted waiting.

So it results to being tired and looking sickly, thats why I'm having constant migranes.

Another problem of course is our floor... the 17th of Unionbank Plaza is having an indoor construction... we've been staying at another workstation at the 17th (we used to be working at the corner of the floor facing Metrowalk. The view's quite nice from there). Currently at our old workplace, engineers of unionbank plaza are creating a perimeter wall and enclosed area for our use (privacy and such) as per request of our mother company, IPVG.

Being healthy is a lot of problem when you're ina construction site, what's worse is its and enclosed area where fresh oxygen is a problem, air is circulated in a closed area via airconditioners... these airconditioners transmit the dust created by the construction to our very own workplaces.

Thus resulting to my skin asthma and having a hard time breathing in some cases. Last thursday night was the time I had asthma, and breathing was a problem, plus my officmate, Jared had been having skin allergies since last last week. I also had skin allergies yesterday... the only allergy I knew I had was allergy from greased peanuts.. now I'm thinking its because of the environment...

Anyways anyways, This week sucks like hell... I'm tired, sick and sleepy... all because of one thing that led to another.


On another case, I'm planning to restore Dad's 18-year-old 1991 Diamond Back Acsent (what I thought was a 1991 Cannondale SM2000), I'll go first in looking for a frame painter and restore the bike frame to its glorious days in a gold and black tone (it used to have a white and black paintjob).

Then after purchasing a folding bike today at the local surplus shop, I'll be having the Acsent painted followed by replacing the Shimano 200GS crankset with a Alivio or Deore... it will be followed by replacing "again" the RD with an Alivio or Deore variant. I'll prolly find a cheaper suspension fork in the near future (the one sold in Pag-asa's quite expensive... at 3.5k, and it doesn't even look brand-new... I might settle for second-hand found at the trusty PMTB forums)

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