Daily Thoughts and a chunk of somewhat

Ehehehe... here I am juggling personal things with work periods.

Unlikely, I've been thinking since a few days ago when would we go and tackle gaming... its actually a month since I first started here at Lucid. Not that I'm commenting, we've been doing Virtual Factories for a month (in the older artists shoes, its been a year or so). In reality I'm enjoying what I'm doing, but would love to experience creating 3d scenes (buildings and textured scenes) for games such as FPS or MMORPG/RPGs.

Now to jump on another topic... Yesterday, news spread inside the office that I used to design and create clothes... Funny though, most of them never knew that I only created streetwear and fused them with couture. And my main fabric as always, the art of batik. Sadly the HR personnel wanted me to design her a wedding gown for her wedding next year. Yikes! Not my cup of coffee, but of course it would add some cash to my bank account.

I just wish I could make some beautiful ones this year, I've been rusty for quite sometime now. Ehehehe

On to another thought... today's my younger brother's birthday, today he turns 16... And my sister, Timmy turning 22 by tomorrow. Later the family's planning to go for a dinner outside... and I'm quite unsure if I'll be able to leave early from office. Since we've got four deadlines inline to be submitted by thursday, quite crazy actually.

Anyhow thats that for today... till my next post.

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