Airspeed 3K/5K/10K - April 5, 2009

Dad participated in the 10k category of the 1st Airspeed Marathon held at the MOA... of course I was also there, but not to run but to cover the event although not an official photographer.
The event was breathtaking even as I was only taking the shots during the runs...

But again as well... I'm not good at commentating games or marathons and etc. But capturing the drama in these events made me happy the most...

Well my Dad wasn't able to win in any awarding category, he finished middle placer at around 100 something among the 700 something who participated in 10k run. I'm proud of him, because he was able to beat his own time/record... and of course because he had fun. Thats the best part in any sport, as long as you had "fun".


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