Saturday Ride to Quirino - North Ave. - UP

I woke up late today compared to my usual rides. 6:00am is considered late in my case.

With a near-death rear tire (tire tread's already nearing its limit)... I took my 16-year old bike to the end of Mindanao Avenue just passing by Quirino Highway then took a U-Turn back to North Avenue... taking a turn heading towards Quezon Circle... then back to UP...

I last checked PinoyMTB about the Heartbreak Hill... I didn't know a trail or a slope existed within UP... so I took the chance this morning to take my bike for a ride climbing the slopes of Heartbreak Hill. T'was quite exciting...

Anyways after tackling heartbreak hill, I stopped by Mang Manny's for a bowl of sopas... thats where I met Sir Jay again from last Sunday's ride... I also got to meet his fellow bikers... I forgot both of his friends' names... but all I remember they're both A's. And also a UP Professor, Sir Norman.

a 30 minute chat was enough to digest the Hot Bowl of Sopas... then it was back to pedaling my ride again... and back home.

3 hours and 15 minutes is my record for today's ride... I hope I get to ride again tomorrow... sana...

But before that I need to replace my rear tire with new treads.


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