Replacement of Parts... and this Sunday Morning's ride

After yesterday's ride I had my bike serviced... replaced my bald/old Chengshin 26"x1.95 rear tire to a Innova 26"x1.95 mountain bike tire... made in taiwan of course. It may not be the best brand, but it will take me to places.

Anyhow aside from that I also had my rusted steel handlebar and stem replaced with a Aluminum Stem and Handlebar (both have logos of Scott and Specialized, but definitely its not original... just replicas), My ride's finally better looking than it was a few years and months ago sporting Dad's old setup. But of course I'm not going for looks when it comes to customizing my ride, brands of course is never a first thing... its always the quality and the usage. Upon installing my rear tire, we also found out that my inner tube has two holes... thus I had to opt to change my interior with a local one.

Anyways... here is my bike's current set-up as of now:

it's almost modernized... of course my frame and fork's still prehistoric

Scott USA and Specialized branded replicas... cheaper opt no?

Anyways this morning I decided to give the new set-up a spin around the city... This time its a rather longer route than my usual rides.

From the house (Tandang Sora), I pedaled my way to Sandiganbayan and turned right to San Mateo... I was supposed to go to Timberland this morning and experience the steep uphill and rolling downhill everyone was talking about. A few of my friends from PMTB organized the ride to Timberland... but a lot of them backedout, thus cancelling the ascencion to the steep uphills. Anyways from San Mateo I took a right turn and headed for Katipunan, its been years since I had my ways in Marikina, sooo... I had to follow jeeps and asked for directions to get to Katipunan. After 30 minutes I was at Ateneo.

By that time I was already exhausted... so after a 45 minute city ride, I rode back to UP via Katipunan Ave. Arriving at Mang Manny's after 10 minutes... I met up with Sir Jay, Sir Alvin (i'm not sure if it wa Alvin or it was Allen, basta he's the owner of the Giant MTB with a carbon rear)... and the Bike Guru: Sir Edwin... of course we had some chats and etc. over a hot cup of Taho (yum, and full of protein for more energy)... chatting with them was quite cooling... of course sharing the same enjoyment and fun over MTBs.

Anyways after 30 minutes of interaction we had to part ways... they went home while I completed me ride... taking a tour around UP... after 15 minutes I went back to Katipunan and headed south, turning to Aurora Blvd. till I got to Anonas... from there I rode uphill to Sikatuna Rd.... then Teacher's Village then back to UP... it was a 25 minute ride... by that time I was already hungry... I went back to Mang Manny's for a bowl of Lugaw with Egg and a bowl of Sopas (ndi ako gutom ano? ehehe). Being a devotee of Greenpeace I didn't bother getting another bowl and opted using my previous bowl used for the Lugaw for the Sopas.

After resting for 5 minutes I rode again around UP... after 5 laps around I started noticing this time that the whole University Oval is congested with joggers and some bikers... it was time to go home... taking the overpass from UP to Central and back to Tandang Sora and entering Tierra Bella back to Tierra Gloria... my village. I got back home at 9:11am.

So in total I was out from 6:09am to 9:11am... a total of 3 hours and a few minutes... and to minus my rest time of 35 minutes... I was pedaling for a total of 2 hours and 25 minutes... quite a good exercise...


Anyways May 1's a holiday plus its my birthday... I just wish I could tackle Grotto this friday to give thanks to the Lord, our God for a wonderful year it was... if I wake-up a little late... I might take on UP again... and possibly, I wish... Antipolo.


By the way if you might remember, I mentioned earlier in a few posts about the belt-bag I bought from The North Face... it's actually called Sport Hiker and not Bike Rider... XD my mistake sorry...

Anyhow here's how it looks like:

Its rather full with my last ride's paraphernalias... such as:
Bike Tools, Allen Wrenches, Cloud9 Choco Bars, Petty Cash, Bike Lock and Keys,
Extra Sweatshirt, Celphone, IPod, a pen and notepad.

Tomorrow this bag's going to be jampacked with my weekdays office gear. I'm really proud of this purchase I made.

Anyways... tomorrow its back to reality for me and for all of us... till next post.


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