Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pedaling once again

my 15 year-old something Mt.Bike... pamana ni Dad sa akin.
Last time I used it was 4 years ago, so its quite outdated.

I'm back on track to urban cycling... I just started once again yesterday with a route from my house to Tandag Sora - Commonwealth - Central (Iglesia ni Kristo)- Central overpass - UP - UP Oval - UP again - then Central Overpass - Central Avenue - Visayas Avenue - Sanville - Tandang Sora - then back home...

I also noticed yesterday that most Pinoys this year spent their Holy Week in the city... andami kasing joggers sa UP nung thursday. It just proves na maraming nagtitipid ngayon compared to last year when all of us Pinoys went to spend our vacations in our respective provinces and/or somewhere cozy.

The road may look clean but... believe me there are a lot of joggers as well as cyclists yesterday

Just love that sunrise

Manong Dingdong, his taho hits the spot!
you can meet him near the UP Engineering Bldg.

Ever since I started pedaling once more, I started to enjoy doing it once again. It just makes that my favorite sport isn't just Airsoft... but also Urban Biking... it will take more training before I can tackle Mountain Biking and climb Antipolo and Tanay... maybe even long distance biking to Tagaytay and Quezon Province.

By the way you guys should try the taho being sold at the UP Oval near the Engineering Building... masarap at nakakabusog, been on an eating spree (3 cups of hot taho a day) since kanina.


Oh by the way, originally I should be biking while my dad's jogging and do the same routes... sadly there were times that I woke up earlier than him and vice versa. So eventually its been two days including today that we haven't been doing a right tandem exercise.

Funny actually...

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