Saturday, April 18, 2009

Eets Saburday today~

Isay's 18th Birthday Salu-Salo Treat

My beautiful sister, Isay now finally 18 and beautiful

The Tiongsons (minus Cousin Kinse) enjoying their bowls of Sategoma

Miguel, Timmy and Rai

Samboy and his delicious bowl of Sategoma

Uncle Sammy, Uncle Walter, my dad: Tony... and their sister,
Auntie Cheryl
(Dad asked me to take a group shot of them siblings)

Isay cutting her cake, and taking the first slice

Auntie Beth and her sister, my mom: Liza

Its saturday today... rest day for (some of) the working.

Didn't get the chance to ride my bike this early morning, I actually ignored the alarm clock. XD

Today we're celebrating my sister, Isay's 18th birthday... She didn't want to have a debut and decided to go for a small celebration and some "cash".


Indra Adi Gunawan said...

My name Is Indra
Nice To meet u


sweetfig said...

cousin dear!! i did not know you have a blogger. LOL

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