End of Holy Week... and we return to the Real World

Today is Easter Sunday, the day when Jesus Christ rose from the dead... and also marks the end of Holy Week. And for us employed and working marks the end of a short vacation from the province or a rest vacation from home.

Its time to wake up again 5 or 6 or 7 in the morning for a cup of joe, breakfast, and rush hour.

Of course there's also traffic if we're talking about rush hour. The same thing we meet everyday during weekdays.

In my case I'm going to meet face to face tomorrow is the Gillette POSM Instore that I left last Wednesday. What's worse is the deadline set at the end of the day tomorrow. Crap ain't it?

But what's not part of that crap, is having to use a different CPU and Monitor... Lucid just received its artillery upgrade from the higher-ups.


When Jesus rose from the dead we were saved from all our sins... but there's always a question... Tomorrow when you wake-up... you sin again... will you be saved? Holy Week only happens once a year... Easter Sunday is also once a year.


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