Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Overtime and more Overtime

There are four words that goes with Overtime... "More Income" and "Less Sleep"

I actually just came home from work, and had a little chunk of energy left to type this entry before I go bye-bye. Recently I work an additional 1 to 2 hours 30 from my regular 7 hours 30 sched, to put it clearly... we've got 3 virtual stores, up and lined for deadline this week and most probably next week too.

And to answer it bluntly: I'm damned tired, even though its fun and challenging doing 3d instores.


On another note... Sir Joseph Gemora (Lucid's General Manager) borrowed my pocket camera and took some shots of Lucid @ Work... I unno what's it for... but he needs it for tomorrow... anyhow here are some shots of our office. Photos care of me and Sir Joseph.

left to right: carlo, krissy, gino's head, jared, nanet's head,
grac, allan, odie, denise and brian

left to right: janis, nikki, sir joseph, carlo, krissy, and gino's head

left to right: allan, odie, brian, river, mikey, charlie, joanna, jay

blaine - jou - lance

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Anonymous said...

damn, my big stomach is seen! - krissy